How to install software in server without sudo

Last time I want to install the latest emacs on our linux server, cause Emacs can do a lot of things, write code, run R Ess, sending email, and tutorial It is easy to use sudo to handle the problem sudo apt-get install build-essential sudo apt-get build-dep emacs24 Unfortunately, it is always not that easy to install something on a public server, so that you need to build the package from source code.

Discussion 2

If you already know all the stuff which I write in the subtitle, please play around with the following packages rpart, party, partykit. 1. Operation System (OS) Operation System Wiki We are using different operating systems all days, now just focus on your computer: Windows (Our laptop, you need to pay) Unix and Unix like operation system MacOS (Mac, you need to pay) Linux (Server, FREE!!!) ubuntu Our server Lunchbox use this version of Linux mint Debian etc.